Frequently asked questions about tattoos

Is there a pain free tattoo?

Yes, there are several anesthetic ointments, which are applied before or during the tattoo procedure.

Can be tattoos removed?

Yes, they can. In the modern medicine laser technology is advanced to stage that, large areas of skin can be worked over few sessions. It is possible though to remain light scars on some areas. It all depends on the laser’s  force.

How much time does it take?

The time to complete a project is strictly individual. It depends on the complexity of the design - from few hours to few sessions. Large  and complex tattoos take time.

Is it possibe to cover up an old tattoo with a new one?

Yes, it is possible. Small tattoos are easy to cover up, on the other hand with larger ones you are completely dependent on your tattoo artist.

How long I have to take care of my new tattoo?

Skin completely heals between 3rd to 4th  week. During this period avoid pools, sand, beach, solarium, sauna, sun.

How to take care of my new tattoo?

Follow the advice your tattoo artist gave you. The first 24 hours wash 3 times a day with an antibacterial soap, then dry and apply ointment. From the second day on wash once a day and apply ointment several times to keep the skin hydrated and prevent from forming crust.

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