How to take care of your new tattoo

   Aftercare and what you have to know

   The tattoo itself is more than art and a way to express yourself. It is a medical procedure as well. The artist uses needles to put pigment under your skin, each time the skin has a broken integrity it is vulnerable to infection. Aftercare prevents from complications and the tattoo heals right. The two of you, you and your artist play important role in this process. Not only go to a licensed and certified tattoo artist, but also you have to take care for your new tattoo at home. Because the tattoo is pierced many times it has to be treated as a wound. the first few days are the most important.

Aftercare starts right after the tattoo is ready. Right after it is done, it is wrapped in protective foil. It prevents from bacteria or other microorganisms or from unpleasant rubbing in clothes as well.

  After few hours you can remove the wrapping foil.

First wash your hands with soap.

Then wash your tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap.

Dry with paper kitchen towel.

Let airdry for  5 minutes.

With clean hands apply thin layer of unguent.

Wrap with a new clean foil. 

You repeat this 3 times a day during the first 24 hours.

Then you don't need to use the foil anymore.

Apply thin layer of unguent regularly to keep the skin hydrated and provide correct healing.

Do not scratch.

Avoid hot water, pools, sauna, beach, sand and sun during the healing process - at least 4 weeks.

Do not spend too much time under the shower. 

Avoid direct sun . 

Avoid tight clothes which can irritate the tattoo.

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